“Soap Opera” by David Ives

David Ives tells a story of love and companionship in his play “Soap Opera”. Involved are a maypole repairman and a washing machine, yet the humorous part about the play itself is the fact that Manny, the repairman, is actually recounting the events to a local matre de, or host at a restaurant while trying to make reservations for them to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and the way that Ives used personification to really show the female personality of the washing machine.  From the machines wants, needs, and understanding, it gave the story a whole new form of character that was as serious as it was humorous. In the end Manny has to come to the realization that this machine he has come  to adore is not a realistic partner. I would have to say that this is probably my favorite work that we studied and read all semester.  it was the semi-serious love story with a large dose of humor that really made this play worth reading.  I wish we would’ve had more of this type of stuff.

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